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Tucked away inside the exquisite Four Points by Sheraton Punta Gorda Harborside, The Library Comedy Club is the epicenter of laughter and good times in Punta Gorda. With its intimate yet lively ambiance, it promises an unparalleled comedy experience that's both sophisticated and heartily entertaining.

Stepping inside The Library, you are met with the unique charm of a literary den, where humor writes its own tales every evening. The vintage aesthetics, reminiscent of a classic library, juxtapose the modern-day humor served on its stage. It’s a blend that guarantees an unforgettable evening.

Over the years, we have been graced by the presence of legendary comedians like Jimmy JJ Walker, and the iconic Skippy from 'Family Ties', alongside a rotating lineup of the finest local and national comedic talents. Their stories, jokes, and performances have echoed with laughter, making The Library the go-to place for all those looking for genuine mirth and comedy.

Behind the scenes, the genius of Gordon Myers crafts and curates our stellar line-up, ensuring a fresh, diverse, and always-hilarious set of comedians. Gordon's extensive experience and deep roots in the comedy world have been pivotal in elevating The Library Comedy Club's reputation to one of the best spots for comedy aficionados.

So, if you're looking to unwind with a side of laughter, or to simply be a part of a room resonating with joy, The Library Comedy Club awaits. Join us for an evening and be part of Punta Gorda's best-kept secret. Cheers to stories, humor, and unforgettable nights!

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